Dr. Persaud joined the University of Seychelles on 4th January 2011 as a Lecturer and was promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer on 1st April 2017. Along with her lectureship, she also assumed the responsibility of the Education Department. She was elected as the Academic staff representative on the UniSey Council in 2018 for a period of 3 years and she also served as the Secretary to the Scheme of Service Review Committee in 2019.

Prior to joining the University of Seychelles, Dr Persaud served 4 years at the American Cooperative School in Tunis, Tunisia as a full time IB geography teacher where she also served one year as Head of the Social Science Department. From 1994 to December 2004, she served as a Geography Teacher in various educational institutions, including the Seychelles Polytechnic, Diss High School and South Camden Community School, both in the UK.

Dr. Persaud holds a Doctorate and an MA in Geography Education. She also holds a BEd in Education Management.

According to the Charter of the University of Seychelles, there shall be a Registrar of the University who shall be appointed with the agreement of the Council, in accordance with normal university appointment

In certain instances, the duties of a Registrar may be combined with those of another senior post.  The Registrar (whether as a separate post-holder or in combination with other duties) shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for:

  1. the custodianship of the records and such other property of the university as prescribed in the Charter and Statutes;
  2. conducting official correspondence on behalf of the university;
  3. issuing notices for convening meetings of the authorities of the university and of the committees of those authorities;
  4. keeping minutes of all meetings referred to in paragraph (c);
  5. making arrangements for and supervising the examinations conducted by the university;
  6. representing the university, as directed by the Vice-Chancellor, in all legal proceedings by or against the university, signing powers of attorney and doing all other things relating to such proceedings;
  7. entering into agreements, signing documents and authenticating records on behalf of the university;
  8. holding in special custody records, books and documents and the common seal of the university;
  9. safeguarding and maintaining campuses, buildings, gardens, vehicles, equipment and other properties of the university.

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