Island Biodiversity and Conservation (IBC) Centre


The Island Biodiversity and Conservation centre is an initiative from members of the scientific community of Seychelles, grouped under the NGO Island Biodiversity Conservation (IBC), and the University of Seychelles which provides it with logistical and administrative support. IBC is a non-for-profit, non-governmental organisation associated to the University of Seychelles. Formed in December 2014, it aims at bringing together environmental scientists and practitioners to contribute to the development of research and biodiversity conservation in Seychelles and the western Indian Ocean region.


“To promote scientific studies, ecological research and conservation programmes on island biodiversity, the publication and dissemination of results, and the development of university curricula and local capacity in Seychelles and beyond”.


Contact Us

Dr Gérard Rocamora

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381236

+248 2642082

Twitter : @IBCUniSey