Department of

Health and Social Care


To have competent and highly skilled professionals able to provide quality services in response to the needs of individuals, families, groups and communities in the evolving societies. 


Advancing and sustaining evidence-based health and social care practices through quality and comprehensive education strategies that promote the health and social wellbeing of individuals, families, groups with ultimate impact on the sustainable development the country.


  1.  Integrity: adhering to moral principles and being sound as a whole person; consistency in words and actions which connotes trust and honesty.
  2.  Trust: building relationship that is authentic, reliable and credible.
  3.  Accountability: committing to accept responsibility or accounting for one’s action.
  4.  Respect: honouring beliefs, norms, abilities and qualities.
  5.  Empowerment: helping people develop a critical awareness of themselves and enabling them to master their environment and achieve resilience and self-determination.
  6.  Collaboration: working together for greater achievement.

Strategic Pillars

Pillar 1: Growth and Sustainability

Goal 1: Develop a culture of social science research in practice and for practice that ultimately contribute towards the development of programmes that serve the social and economic development of the country. 

Pillar 2: Employee and Stakeholders

Goal 2: Strengthen existing, build new relationships with local and international health and social care professional organisations to enhance quality teaching and research that respond to the needs of the stakeholders.

Pillar 3: Culture of Excellence

Goal 3: Strengthen systems and procedures that promote and sustain quality and accountable teaching, learning and research to prepare professionals who are competent to provide services that bring about positive changes on the peoples’ lives.

Pillar 4: Student

Goal 4: Engage in self-development, which promotes innovative and quality teaching that inspire students to learn and progress anytime and anywhere.

Department of Health and Social Care

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Department of Health and Social Care