Introducing UniSey

Vision and Mission


As the national university, we aspire to be at the heart of the socio-economic transformation of Seychelles and the SIDS community more widely, and in our own unique setting, to contribute to global knowledge and understanding.


To foster a vibrant community where staff and students excel in teaching, learning and research in an atmosphere of discovery, creativity and innovation, that drives and focuses on the building of the human resource capacity required to help Seychelles achieve its development goals and that contributes to solutions for emerging 21st century challenges.


Respect We foster a culture of respect for every person.
Tolerance We nurture tolerance of beliefs and are receptive to personal points of view and culture of others.
Transparency We encourage intellectual openness, honesty, professional ethics and open communication.
Team Spirit We promote team spirit in all our activities, where the faculty, staff and students work together for a common vision and collaborate with our partner institutions to maintain the highest possible standards.
Quality We strive for excellence, consistently aiming for the highest quality outcomes.
Innovation We promote creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit for growth and development.
Accountability We espouse the highest level of corporate responsibility and accountability in all our decisions and actions that we undertake.