Leadership and Strategy


The Executive is the management team of the university and its purpose is:

  • to provide a regular means for senior managers to share information;
  • to comment on ongoing issues and to contribute to decisions; and
  • to provide support and advice for each other.

The Executive members are: 


Ms. Joëlle Perreau



Dr. Indra Persaud


Dean of Faculty

Dr. Justin Zelime

Director of Finance 

Mrs. Emmanuella Simeon

Director of Facilities and Technology

Mrs. Christine Pejakovic

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Dolivette Chang-Ko


The Directors of the three Research Institutes and Quality Assurance Director are not required to attend the Executive meeting on a regular basis but maybe requested to attend specific meetings.

Minutes of Executive meetings are available except for cases of personal sensitivity and/or when commercial confidentiality is necessary.

The Executive will normally meet fortnightly.