Governing Body


The Council is responsible, on behalf of all stakeholders, for the strategic direction and viability (financial and legal) of the University.  Terms of reference are as follows:

  • to approve and monitor the University’s Strategic Plan;
  • to approve an appropriate Business Plan and to ensure the financial viability of the University;
  • to ensure that appropriate risk management policies are in place and to monitor performance;
  • to ensure the proper administration and control of all the University’s property (moveable and immoveable);
  • to approve the staffing structure and general organisation of the University;
  • to determine the wages or salaries of all members of staff (in accordance with scales determined by the Council);
  • to approve and ensure the good working of the committee structure of the university;
  • to ensure that there is a robust and effective quality assurance system in place; and
  • to undertake such other strategic tasks as may be necessary.

Membership is drawn from external and internal constituencies as follows:
A majority of members of the Council should come from outside the university.
Meetings will not be quorate unless this is the case.  Members will be appointed by the Chancellor.

The following constitutes the membership of the Council:

  • (External) Chair of the Board
  • (External) Six independent members
  • (Internal) Vice-Chancellor
  • (Internal) Registrar
  • (Internal) Four additional members

Members will be appointed for a term of 3 years, renewable (subject to review) for a maximum of a further 3 years.

The Council will normally meet 6 times per year.

Council Members


Emeritus Professor Dennis Hardy

Internal Members

Ms. Joëlle Perreau

Dr. Indra Persaud

Dr. Justin Zelime

Ms. Monica Francoise

Mrs. Annie Laurette


External Members

Dr. Guy Ah-Moye


Dr. Mathilda Twomey


Mr. Antoine Onezime


Mr. Sunil Shah


Dr. Conrad Shamlaye


Mr. Rupert Simeon


Council Secretary

Mrs. Vicky Rachel