Leadership and Strategy



To effectively implement the work of Senate and the overall implementation of the University Strategic Plan, it is essential that committees are formed. Committees are expected to have their own Terms of Reference and functions and are more specialized in dealing with the matters at hand.

There are existing committees which were formed under the previous management. Most of these committees are still relevant. However, some of them will have newer names and added responsibilities and members. However, there will also be newer committees to lead the work of the University.

Committees will be required to prepare papers on their work and report to the Senate – either on the day of the meeting or in advance. Committee also create an option for staff to be engaged with the planning and achievement of the University goals.

List of Committees

Academic Governance

To oversee and monitor the development of all academic activities by ensuring a high quality standard and consistency across the University.

Campus Infrastructure Development

To lead the refurbishment and construction of newer facilities, including an effective integration of ICT in the day to day running of the University. Read More

Faculty Board

To manage the agenda of each faculty. Read More

Global Engagement

To lead the internationalisation strategy of the University. Read More

Health and Safety

To nurture and ensure a healthy and safe environment. Read More

Human Resource Development

To support the professional growth and welfare of staff which will subsequently lead to a productive and efficient workforce. Read More

Marketing and Communications

To develop and implement strategies that will significantly raise the profile and increase the visibility of the university both locally and internationally.

National Engagement

To promote engagement and collaboration between the University and its local stakeholders which will ensure better responses to societal needs. Read More

Research & Innovation

To formulate and lead the research and innovation agenda of the University. Read More

Student Council

To lead the student affairs agenda.

Student Engagement

To lead the institutionalisation of a culture that facilitates and encourages students to be engaged in the university life, and enhance their overall university experiences.